Please go! Why you should walk more often

Going for a walk is old people sport? Not even close. It lowers cortisol, stimulates the metabolism, and actively counteracts tiredness and fatigue – and these are just a few of the many positive effects. Even in the dreary season, you should get fresh air more often in order to use these advantages – also for your training.

Especially in autumn and winter it is difficult for many to motivate themselves – not only for training, also for school, university or work. It’s colder, darker, more uncomfortable. Getting dressed and going outside costs overcoming .

Excuses are quickly found – which incidentally arise in the prefrontal cortex and you evolutionary protection against overexertion and danger . A feature that makes less sense in most situations these days. So you can just let your prefrontal cortex talk more often and still act – nothing will happen to you, on the contrary. Going for a walk has many positive effects.

Small sports program for in between

Going for a walk is not only a good thing for frequent people, but also for people who are already sporty. Through active movement without exertion, your body can – in addition to the positive effects already mentioned – better remove metabolic end products and thus regenerate faster. In addition, you actively ensure that your cortisol level and thus your stress level lower . Incidentally, that doesn’t work on the couch in front of the TV, even if it seems to be a very relaxed situation. So get active more and more often. 😉

Note : For stress relief you need Movement.

Movement of any kind also consumes more energy than sitting. To get your circulation going or burn a few extra calories , you don’t necessarily have to run to the gym every day or do strenuous cardio units. Sometimes a long walk is just the thing.

Getting started

Getting up is difficult? Remember the good feeling during or after the walk. Consider the many positive effects your body will experience. Include a little stroll here and there to get started – after dinner, after work or before breakfast. You will quickly notice how good these little time-outs do you.


The good news is that everyone can get this extra movement and benefit for their body anytime, anywhere – you don’t need any sports equipment, no elaborate plan and no membership in a club. The motto here is very clear: Get out into nature and switch off.

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