“I don’t have time to train!”

If you ask people who WOULD LIKE to change their bodies why they don’t, “I don’t have time.” is probably the most common reason given. The aim here is therefore why this argument does not apply in most cases.

Daily routine

First of all, let’s take a dim look at the 24 hours that each of us has available per day:

Sleep (8 hours )
+ shopping and eating (2 hours)
+ work (8 hours)
+ family / children (3 hours)
= 21 hours.

Whether or not you have time to train depends on your daily planning and your priorities from.

Accordingly, there are at least around 3 hours a day for leisure activities. (The exact division varies depending on the individual, of course.)

The fact is: you have to cover basic needs such as sleeping, eating, drinking or personal hygiene – there is no getting around them. Security and social needs such as work and family or social contacts should also be satisfied for a satisfactory life. Everything that is left is subject to your own order of priority. The most important thing has to be done – if there is still time after that, you can devote yourself to other things.

You can honestly say “I don’t have time” by saying “I don’t want any time for it take. “or” I don’t care enough. “Replace.

If the pope or the president of the United States has time to work out, then you have time to work out! ”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

time management

One way to organize your daily life is to get an overview of your daily routine. Is there really no time for your body and thus for your health? It is important here that you are honest with yourself. You may also notice that you have not set your priorities optimally and that you want to change something. Physical and mental health result from exercise and a healthy diet – and ultimately there should always be some space for that.

0815 programs and 20-minute workouts

This is related to another point that I would like to address here. Many are aware that they have to do something for their body to stay healthy and satisfied in the long term. This is why people often buy cheap, standardized training programs over the Internet or attend “Fit in 20 minutes” courses two to three times a week. Results are largely absent. Hence the tip: If you are already investing the time, use it effectively or efficiently.

To do something for your body and your health, you don’t have to go to the gym for hours. Short, crisp, ingenious training units starting three times a week – it doesn’t take much more to bring about effective changes. As a personal trainer, I like to take control and tell you what to do – so you can concentrate on other things again without worry. All information can be found here.


It’s all a matter of priority and time management. If you want to change something, you have to take the time and adapt your daily routine accordingly. In the vast majority of cases, you have the time – the only question is whether you are ready to invest it.

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