6 Top Reasons You Should Drink More

I plead guilty. I don’t drink enough. I just forget about it. Of course, I know very well that drinking is extremely important for health and appearance, especially in summer. The stupid thing is that if you always drink too little, the body forgets how to interpret the signals for thirst. Sounds strange, but that’s how it is. You have to find your way out of this spiral first. And this is how it works:

This shows you that you are drinking too little:

  1. You are thirsty.
    “Great,” I hear you say now. “A whole new insight”. Sure, sounds logical, but the body often confuses thirst with hunger or simply ignores it. Looks familiar. * cough *
  2. You will not concentrate
    For me the first alarm signal when I work long hours at the PC and suddenly cannot concentrate anymore.
  3. You get a headache
    The next stage when I ignore the lack of concentration and just keep working without drinking.
  4. Dry skin
    Although you usually treat yourself to more cream in the form of sun protection in summer, the skin is tight and the lips are dry. The nasal mucosa also dries out and can develop unpleasant cracks.
  5. Dark urine
    The urine is very concentrated and dark because you drink too little. Tip: drink until you get to light yellow. This is particularly important in children, as the body virtually poisons itself if the toxins and waste substances in the urine are not excreted.
  6. Dehydration
    Once the body is dehydrated, the downward spiral turns very quickly: thirst> dry skin> sunken eyes> decreased urine output> rapid heart rate> decreased blood pressure> shock> poor circulation> impaired consciousness> delirium up to a coma.

So that none of this happens to you and you drink enough, I have the best tips on the subject of the beauty elixir of water column for PERFUME whispers / strong> put together: What it can do, how much you should drink in summer and how you can do it. Enjoy!

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