Rococo figure goes bikini

Every year thousands of women come up with a common theme. It unites young women, old women, pretty women, distinctive women, full female women and thin women into one big sisterhood: the bikini figure. Women’s magazines and the internet are full of “bikini figures” right now. And we (almost) all participate.

I feel no different. Every spring I think about the fact that I still have three, two – oh, only one month left – to work out the perfect bikini figure and frolic on the beach with it. Pay a little more attention to your diet, do a little more sport, and it must be feasible! The fact that the swimsuit usually wins the race and the bikini is only used on the terrace at home, I probably share this experience with many women.

Of historical ham and Black Forest cake

In the end, it’s not about whether I like others. But on the contrary! I have the classic hourglass figure with a waist and hips and it stays that way even after I lose ten pounds. No, my point is that I don’t like me if my figure leans too much towards Rococo.

I have a personal feel-good weight or feel good. And sometimes I come to a point where I look in the mirror in the morning and think “somehow I look like one of those buxom maids in a coat-and-epee ham”. But that’s not how I see myself. You can’t look like Veronika Ferres in her early years as an actress if you feel more like a mix of Sandra Bullock and Robin Wright. So I can’t do that. Or rather: I don’t want that. So something has to be done.

My personal keywords are: Fitness and Nutrition. “Oh” and “Ah” I hear you now say, “That’s something completely new!” Of course it isn’t, but this combination works best for me. I don’t want to start an extreme diet. On the one hand, this is too one-sided for me and not suitable as a family nutrition concept. BUT: I have a lot of nutritional guides on the bookshelf (just having such guides is really calming), various sports equipment in the house and fitness videos. And I have YOU.

Yes, you have to go through it now! I will let you participate in my experience. You can then smile at it or imitate it, you decide for yourself. Before that, however, I will consciously “sin” again and eat cake. Black Forest cake. My mother bakes it for me once a year. Birthday. I’ll eat them tomorrow without a guilty conscience. At least two!


Everyone has their own feel-good weight. I know many wonderful, very attractive people who the vernacular would refer to as fat. I don’t want to encourage or discriminate anyone to lose weight here. I’m only talking about my own body awareness and how I deal with it. And rest assured: I like people of all sizes, because in the end it is the person that counts, not his appearance.

If there is something burning on your heart on this topic or if you have new, incredibly effective dream figure tips for me, feel free to leave a comment here.

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