10 kilos have to go. And that’s the plan …

Some time ago I announced the Rococo figure goes bikini project here in the blog. What happened to it?

Well, at first we had a visitor from America, and of course I couldn’t put a diet menu in front of him. Then I realized that my home office urgently needed a general overhaul. So first I renovated it. This requires strength and energy and of course it is impossible to start a diet. Then the little one got sick and I had to cook very rich in vitamins and calories so that he could recover quickly.

After all, I wanted to do a handstand every day. So I handed the camera to the son (5) so that he could photograph me doing a handstand on the garage wall. He did that too. So rather – my bum. Image filling. I couldn’t get it up. Instead, I cracked my left hand and now have to type with one hand. And no, the photo will not be published on the blog!

I’m slowly running out of excuses and something really needs to happen urgently. Something has to change. And holistically. I’m a big fan of HOLISTIC. And this is my holistic plan:

Plan 1: Nutrition

I love guides of all kinds. Just having such books is a tremendous comfort. Not that I have ever found the ultimate solution to any problem in a guidebook, but here and there a suggestion that works.

So I rummaged through my cookbook shelf, paged through various diet guides and finally decided on The New Diet. The recipe book. Fit and slim thanks to metabolic power *

Why this book? Well, I like the 3-step plan. At the beginning I absolutely need a sense of achievement, otherwise I quickly lose the desire to lose weight. In addition, I cannot and do not want to spend the whole day shopping and preparing food. Everything has to be quick and uncomplicated – and suitable for families! After all, I don’t want to have to cook extra for my husband and son.

Bonus point: Dr. Strunz is a doctor and explains his diet method very clearly and convincingly in advance (don’t let the Strahlemann portrait photos put you off). And now comes the bang: a sloppy day is allowed! You can be too strict – if you then go back to plan. Sounds good, I think.

Get the metabolism going: the metabolic power principle

“The enzyme revolution will turn your metabolism inside out so that it works for you, toils – and that is Metabolic Power. In English: metabolic strength ”

Level 1:

Carbohydrates are a thing of the past. A week long. Instead there are protein drinks four times a day, 3 liters of still water, as much Metabolic Power soup as you want and 1 bowl of salad a day. There are delicious recipes in the book for the soup and the salad, which I like a lot. I know you may be skeptical about protein drinks, but I can live with them for a limited time. They fill you up, get your metabolism going and help build muscle. I know from previous diet attempts that it works for me. So do it!

Level 2:

It lasts 3 weeks (or longer if you want) and now it’s getting a little easier. For breakfast there is a power shake, for example avocado-orange, peach-yogurt, grapefruit-ginger or raspberry-mint and and and … The recipes in the book sound delicious and uncomplicated. If you don’t like liquid for breakfast, you can also pick one of the breakfast recipes. For lunch and dinner there are recipe suggestions with fish, poultry, meat or vegetarian. A lot can be prepared well and taken to the office.

Level 3:

You can build in luxury carbohydrates again for two months to life. The book provides appropriate recipes. You eat 3 times a day, with a break of 4 – 5 hours in between. The goal is to change your diet with few carbohydrates and lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and protein.

Plan 2: exercise

Eating differently alone is of course not enough for a bikini figure. It doesn’t help, I just have to move more. Since I’m not a fan of fitness studios at all, I will try different sports and report on successes and failures in the blog. Endurance and strength training are on the program. I am fortunate that weight training works very quickly for me. If I train regularly for two weeks, I can already see results. It’s good.

On the other hand, endurance training takes a lot of effort and I hate running. This is bad. Nevertheless, I will try again and report about it in detail in the blog. I already have the right advisor, Dr. Strunz not alone: ​​Always healthy: this is how you mobilize the healing power of the body *

Plan 3: Reporting

I already threatened it, I will report on how the implementation of my 3-step plan is progressing. What you will wait in vain for: Information about my personal starting and target weight. In the case of women, one should not ask about age, and certainly not about their weight. I simply allow myself this luxury of secrecy.

What you can expect: Of course I will report how many pounds I will lose and how many dress sizes. Hopefully. So keep your fingers crossed for me, read along and comment here on the blog. Gladly also encouraging!

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