Home workout: 5 steps to your routine

Especially in times of Corona you can keep fit with home workouts and do something for your health. Exercising at home is a very good thing – but how do you start and how do you develop a routine? In this article, I’ll explain in 5 steps how you can find a routine for your home workout.

Step 1: Set your daily schedule

Set a fixed daily schedule and define a certain period that is reserved just for you . So you have time to focus on your fitness and health. You can determine when that is. See what time of day is best for your home workout. Some would like to start the day actively, others are fittest in the evening, others prefer to train around noon or in the afternoon.

Step 2: Create space for yourself

This tip is meant both in terms of time (e.g. 10 minutes a day) and spatially.

  • For yours The following applies: Don’t do anything on the side – for example switch off the TV and don’t start to cook during the training. Take this short time just for you!
  • Prepare yourself spatially for your home workout – for example, move tables that are in the way to the side. In this way you change the familiar environment and get in the training mood more easily.

Step 3: Set realistic goals

This tip applies to many areas, but above all to the structure of your training routine. So start your home workout very moderately. What ‘moderate’ means in your case is based on your performance level.

For example, you can plan to do a few squats every day. Build up your training routine slowly, for example by increasing the training duration by 1 minute every week or adding another exercise to the program. Take your project slowly – a few minutes, a handful of exercises is absolutely sufficient to get started. You should still leave room for improvement.

Step 4: Get into your sportswear!

Even if you train at home: Throw yourself in your sports clothes. This creates a certain commitment and heralds the home workout – a small but psychologically valuable trick, who helps you to become active. Lying on the sofa in cozy clothes is relaxing, but who is then motivated to do a few exercises and work up a sweat?

Right: Nobody (neither do I). Instead, relax in your workout clothes and watch what it does to you and how you feel. Your motivation and starting position will change . Now push the couch table away as described in point 2 and nothing stands in the way of your home workout.

Step 5: Get (training) ideas

Of course, if you want to do something but don’t even know what you can do and how, that’s unsatisfactory and can mean that you don’t even start. Get help – you will find it very quickly via YouTube or the Internet in general and you have a large selection of exercise suggestions for your home workout available. I have linked my home workout video to you here to show you which exercises you can do at home. You do not need any fitness equipment such as dumbbells, rings, ribbons and the like. So you can start right away!

Bonus tip: Music!

Is it all heavy metal? Lively salsa rhythms? Relaxed RnB? No matter what you like to listen to and what animates you to move – put it on, turn it up a little bit and see what happens. A recent study found that music increases exercise motivation and reduces subjectively perceived exertion. In addition, performance should also increase. [1]


So that you can build up your routine in your home workout, too you first make a plan – when do you want to train and where? When that is resolved, make room – both spatially and temporally. Be curious and don’t do too much. So your home workout routine will gradually adjust itself.

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