The great tiredness – and what helps against it

April is approaching. This is the time when you can choose the most beautiful from the colorful bouquet of spring infections: flu, intestinal flu, measles … everything is on the move in a colorful variety. There is hardly a supermarket where someone doesn’t sneeze in the neck or cough their lungs out, so that one would like to switch the queue at the checkout.

In our family we are working in turn from an ugly flu-like infection. It not only brings with it a cough, runny nose and eye infections (I’m not actually writing here, so don’t tell my ophthalmologist …) but the great springtime tiredness .


This is not only expressed in my increased need for sleep. No, I am generally and always tired at the moment. Physically tired. Head tired. Everything is exhausting. My brain feels like a large piece of plasticine that some prankster feels like shaping, hammering, squeezing and squeezing into new figures. I look at my to-do list, briefly think “oh yes, you have to work that off too” and then my step towards the sofa leads me to take a short break. That’s absurd! I never take an afternoon nap or rest during the day. None of this is my normal fitness level and it really annoys me that small invisible foreign organisms can paralyze me. I don’t want that!

Superfood is a great help!

From a medical point of view, the explanation is very simple: If there are alternating warm-cold-warm-cold periods in spring, the body first has to get used to it: the blood vessels widen, the blood pressure drops and we get tired. In addition, there is the increased content of the sleep hormone melatonin. The winter months with little light make us even more tired. If there is an additional infection, the body switches to standby mode. What helps is the following:

  • LIGHT. Out into the daylight, whether cold or warm. The light acts as a natural alarm clock.
  • MOVEMENT. Cycling, running, skating – no matter what, the main thing is outside! Anyone over 35 and not so fit should have a doctor check them out beforehand.
  • NUTRITION. “Everything is fresh” is now the motto. Seasonal fruit and vegetables are not enough for me, I need an extra boost of energy. Have you ever heard the term superfood ? If you google this you will find a huge list of more or less exotic foods. I have selected the ones for myself that I can get fresh and in good organic quality in the organic market I trust:

superfoods, life40up

Kale , Papaya , Chia seeds , Oats and Coconut oil . In my new column Nice and fit with superfoods at Parfumgeflüster , I’ll tell you what these superfoods can do and how they can best be consumed. There you can find my superfood recipe for a delicious, vitamin-packed papaya smoothie and delicious overnight oats with raspberries for a good start to the day. Have a look!

Are you as tired as I am? Then tell me your tips against the great tiredness in the comment!

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